The Treewalkers: They are a strange breed compared to the Swiftwoods and Heavytimbers. The Treewalker Pack can scale high places, as their territory is made primarily out of tall rocks and very thick trees. They have nursed the skill of bird hunting to the dime, and can scale along the terrain like goats. They possess very long, stalk-like legs. (They are of Maned Wolf bloodlines but not pure-blooded Maned wolves.) The Treewalker Pack own the highland territory.


The first Treewalker was a Maned Wolf named Spider. Orphaned young, he was taken in by Luna the Lynx, who'd lost her litter of cubs to a strange illness. Suckled at the breast of the animal he was supposed to fear, gave Spider the respect of the big cats who inhabited the forest and mountains. Luna raised him as if he were her own, as if he were a lynx cub and so, Spider learned how to scale trees and rocks like a master. His claws were sharper and his body more flexible and agile...

When the young wolf came of age, Spider left his Lynx mother with a heavy heart but was assured that he would see Luna again someday, one day. Traveling far and wide, he meets a group of other long-legged wolves, both of gray wolf blood and Maned Wolf blood, they are misfits and Spider bands them together and teaches them the ways of the lynx.

Together, they formed the Treewalkers and Spider set off with his Pack. He leads them to Wolf Kugyay, where the Swiftwoods and Heavytimbers are at the war of the ages. In the confusion, they steal the Highlands for themselves and mold a place into the territory forever.