The Alpha Wolf:

Bluejay: Bluejay is a red-brown she-wolf with icy blue eyes. She has dark brown ear tufts that look much like those of a lynx. The same dark brown is at the tip of her tail. Her paws are white and she has a white mark between her eyes as well. She's a lanky girl. Her legs make up little less than half of her body, giving her an almost disproportionate appearance. She has many scars scattered around her form from previous fights. As far as personality goes, she's rather friendly for the most part, willing to make friends with any one of her pack members. Around outsiders though, she takes a much more cautious approach, preferring to listen in silence and observe rather than speak up. At the same time though, she is in no way shape or form a push-over. If she sees something being done that she feels is wrong she with fight to make a change. And if any challenge her, she'll feel no guilt in crushing them.


The Beta Wolf:



The Shaman:

Raven: Raven is a long legged she-wolf with tall, rounded ears much like the maned wolves from which this pack was bred. However, her colouring is far different. Instead of being orange with black paws and a black muzzle, she is all black with slightly silvered paws and a dark russet muzzle. Her eyes are a deep blue and they almost look black. Her personality comes across as harsh to most others. She is an incredibly quiet, shy, and blunt person who often says things with no empathy or sympathy towards the person at which they are directed. However, she opens up a little bit when you get closer to her, and she would do anything to make sure that you aren't sick or injured.



Shaman's Apprentice:



Subordinate Wolves: 

Abiscuos  (Male)

Ashen  (Male)

 Cork (Male)

Dancer  (Male)

Flame (Female) 

Jaggedstar (Male) 

Kanati  (Female)

Kii (Female)

Laikia (Female) 

Masquerading Memories (Female)

Milah (Female)

Mort (Female)(Life-Mate: Nox)

Nevermore  (Female)

Nika (Female) 

Ophelia  (Female)

Roscoe (Male)

Scorpion (Female)

Shadow (Female) 

Shadow (Male)

Snake Eyes (Male) 

Sorrel (Female) 

Spider (Male)

Valixy  (Female)


Juvenile Wolves:

Cha'Risa (Female)

Cliff (Male)

Dawn's Light (Female)

Jasper (Male) 

Jay Wing (Female)

Senna (Female)

Vitana (Male)

Wing (Female)



Goldenheart (Male) 

Nox (Male) (Life-Mate: Mort)



Nursing Mothers:





Clarissa (Female)

Kira (Female)

Meadow (Male)



 NightStar (Male)


Meadow has retired from his position as shaman and is now an elder, the pack wishes him happy days and restful nights in retirement. Raven will be taking over all shaman duties, be sure to wish her luck.

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On another note, please be aware that we do indeed have an alliance with the Heavytimbers. Trespassing on Treewalker or Heavytimber lands however is still a crime, and the perpetrator of such a crime will be punished accordingly.

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