Mostly a rocky plain that leads toward the rising peaks of the not far off mountains, this land is void of tree life. Scrubs and bushes are common placements of the Highlands and a popular place for smaller mammals. Like a moor, it is easy to see life that wanders around. Cool in temperature like the mountains, the wind is chilly and the ground is rocky and jagged underfoot. Only the sure-footed will do well here. The Treewalker wolves have owned the highland territory for generations.



 The mountains lack a plentiful source of water and so, here is where the Treewalker Pack come to both drink and catch some brook trout. This small bed of water expends at different parts of the highlands.



There are very little trees across the mountainous highlands. However, that doesn't mean there are no trees in existence here! Across the jagged peaks lay small sparse of woodlands where the occasional squirrel or deer may tread.



Meadow has retired from his position as shaman and is now an elder, the pack wishes him happy days and restful nights in retirement. Raven will be taking over all shaman duties, be sure to wish her luck.

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On another note, please be aware that we do indeed have an alliance with the Heavytimbers. Trespassing on Treewalker or Heavytimber lands however is still a crime, and the perpetrator of such a crime will be punished accordingly.

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